My body is always here
Lateral ArtSpace

The exhibition draws a few lines toward understanding the mystery of one’s own body; in everyday life it is rarely perceived as a material object among other objects in the world; rather, he accompanies us as an invisible presence, that discretely defines the boundaries of what we can do. We notice it only in such moments, when we lose its obviousness: when we are ashamed or feel pain. The exhibition leaves open several questions, such as the one related to reification (to what extent it is possible to objectively look at your body?); the one about the relation between the body and the way reality is perceived (if the coherence of our experience is given by the relationship that is established between the body, which is always present, and the world around, which is always changing); and the possibility of overcoming the body, as dreamed by Plato with his idea of body as prison (mystical experiences are only a type of states of the body, associated perhaps with the lack of oxygen and activation of specific brain regions?).