Brukenthal's guests
''Twelve students from the sculpture and installation department from the University of Art and Design in Geneva [Switzerland] and six painting students from the Art University in Cluj Napoca [RO] met for a week in the Summerresidence of Samuel von Brukenthal (1721 – 1803) in Avrig, Romania. This very specifc surrounding includes the more than 200 years old baroque palace and the orangerie buildings, both empty today, as well as an amazing landscape parc in different styles: like the English or the Dutch garden, a Terrace garden or in former times a Triangle garden. Dating back from the times of romanticism and classicism you will find fountains, little rivers and bridges, hidden staircases and old trees. For the young artists involved, this amazing historical site is as inspiring – in terms of an (artificial) nature concept – as the tales around Samuel von Brukenthal’s innovative spirit including his large collections of paintings, maps, books and minerals etc.

The small village of Avrig with all its habits and customs of the 21st century is another source of inspiration. Little shops with plastic household objects and all sorts of materials in the supermarket, romanian newspapers as well as local sounds, are used by the students to get into a dialogue with the past and the present. The 18 participants involved in this site-specific research are individually searching their own artistic way of appropriation, of getting into a relationship with the multiple issues emerging of this magnificant place, the universalist baroque visions and the cultural renewal of the 18th century. After only one week of questioning, searching and producing, the exhibition now includes a wide range of more than twenty artworks which will be exhibited for two weeks.
The artworks reach from site specific installations and sculpture to video and sound work as well as including painting and drawing.''

Katharina Hohmann